Offline Versus Online Marketing

Offline Versus Online Marketing

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Offline, Traditional Marketing Strategies Have Worked for Many People…

First of all let me get one thing straight. Traditional network marketing approaches have allowed many people to create total financial freedom in their business. In fact, over 50% of the people who make the big money in MLM have done it using offline strategies. These strategies include making a list of your family, friends, 3 feet of you rule, and cold calling leads. By following a simple system and sharing with enough people you can create success over time as long as you stay consistent with these strategies. Depending on who you know and who you are willing to talk to you can create a significant income this way. In fact, your warm market list can be your most powerful tool for creating initial success and getting into profit when you do it properly and when you are with the right company.

More and More People Are Creating Success By Leveraging the Power of the Internet and Applying Some Key MLM Secrets… Although many people have created success with the traditional strategies we have to face the reality that a large number of people do NOT have any success with these strategies. Many people don’t have a large circle of influence to call on and many others have a flat out resistance to talking to people in their life about joining a business (especially if this is their 2nd or 3rd MLM business!). Luckily these TRADITIONAL NETWORK MARKETING STRATEGIES ARE NOT THE ONLY WAY to build an MLM business! There are a growing number of people who are creating massive success by leveraging the power of the internet. For most of these people the story is all the same…they tried the traditional approaches and failed miserably, went the internet to attract leads and ended up creating massive success…many of them multiple 6 and 7 figure incomes in network marketing.

So if you are failing at using the traditional approaches in MLM YOU ARE NOT ALONE and DO NOT GIVE UP! THERE IS ANOTHER WAY! If you have tried everything your upline has told you to do and it’s not working for you then it’s time to learn a better way that will work for YOU. Many leaders teach that there is only one way to build this business because that’s all they know….but I’m here to show you another way.

Don’t get me wrong here and think you will get results without doing anything! Whether you are building offline or online you will have to take consistent steady action to have long term results with. You have to be willing to take massive action if you want massive success. If your mindset is not in the right place you will need to focus on that first and foremost because without the right mindset you will not attract success in your life. If you are negative and full of excuses I would encourage you to work on YOU before blaming any online or offline marketing strategy as the problem.