How to successfully market an online shoe company

How to successfully market an online shoe company

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Whether your shoe store sells high-end heels, business flats, custom sneakers or a lively assortment of styles running an online business can be challenging because of market saturation.  However, there are many marketing tips and tricks that can help your company stand head and shoulders above the rest of your competition. Here’s a list of marketing best practices for your newest shoe store.

  1. Make sure to incorporate industry influencers and tastemakers into your marketing strategy.

 While Manolo Blahnik has always been a popular high heel designer, it wasn’t until being featured on Sex in the City that it truly became a force in the fashion industry.  And while celebrity endorsements will always be an important part of advertising, using industry influencers and tastemakers in a marketing strategy is the best way to build your brand identity and reach a large number of demographics.  For example, there are a number of bloggers and vloggers that have sites that feature shoes and fashion. Influencers with the most substantial social media presence and highest Google page ranking can bring an immense amount of traffic to your store.  You should also incorporate a blog on your retail website so that your influencers can showcase their writing or videos on your site as well.

  1. Make sure your product is featured in a number of different media platforms.

For example, since sneaker are often showcased in magazines like Complex, it’s important to market your sneaker company in these magazines. You may also want to try some combined sales and coupon efforts, for example, taking an additional 10% off for all Complex subscribers.  An additional media source to feature your shoe store in is that of mobile applications. There are many shoe applications across the Android and iOS platforms.  Having your new shoe store featured in mobile ads is a great way to reach a larger target market.

The goal of any good marketing strategy is to create a distinction between your product and your competition. Hopefully, these suggestions give you an idea of how to set your online shoe business part from the rest. And to do some additional competition research visit