Android Operating System – Finally a reliable Mobile OS

Android Operating System – Finally a reliable Mobile OS

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A lot of us have come across Android phones before we even understood what Android is. Android Os’s happen to be extremely popular because the discharge of touchscreen capsules and cell phones. It doesn’t only attract customers of every age group due to its colorful logos and games, it’s also attracted countless application designers all over the world.

What is Android?

Android is really a mobile operating-system initially produced by Android Corporation. In 2005, you purchased it , by Google. Android is dependant on an altered form of the Linux kernel. It features a large community of designers and developers writing programs that stretch the functionality of mobile products. The Android Market consequently may be the online application store ran by Google by which the programs obtainable.

The Android Operating System software stack includes Java programs running on the Java based object-oriented application framework on the top of Java core libraries running on the Dalvik Virtual Machine. There’s also libraries designed in C, including the OpenCore media framework, SQLite, etc. Thus, designers who’re presently writing Android programs mostly write within the Java language.

In a nutshell, the Android operating-system includes 12 million lines of code including 3 million lines of XML, 2.8 million lines of C, 2.1 millions lines of Java and 1.75 million lines of C  .

The way forward for Android

In Feb 2010, ComScore stated the Android platform had 9.% from the U.S. smartphone market, as measured by current mobile customers. In May 2010, Android’s first quarter U.S. sales surpassed those of the rival iPhone platform. Based on a study through the NPD group, Android accomplished 28% smartphone sales in america market, up 8% in the December quarter. At the begining of October 2010, Google added 20 nations to the listing of approved submitters. By mid-October, buying apps is going to be obtainable in as many as 32 nations. By December 2010[update] Google stated over 300,000 Android phones appeared to be triggered daily.

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